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12 December

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) - 75

  On December 7, 2019 the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) celebrated the 75th anniversary of the signing of "Convention on International Civil Aviation" (Chicago Convention) and the founding of ICAO.

  In 1944, at the invitation of the United States of America, delegates from 54 countries gathered in the Main Banquet Hall of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago. At this meeting, participants from 52 countries signed the Convention on International Civil Aviation, better known as the “Chicago Convention”, which laid the foundation for the standards and procedures of the global air transport system. ICAO was established, as an organization whose main purpose is to create and implement uniform aviation regulations, standards and procedures, as well as to support States in achieving the safe and efficient functioning of civil aviation.

  Montreal, Canada was chosen by a majority vote of the countries that signed the Convention, the city in which the Organization will have its permanent headquarters. The first President of ICAO was the representative of the United States of America, Dr. Edward Pearson Warner. At the first session of the ICAO Assembly in May 1947, it was requested to sign a protocol, putting into effect an agreement on relations between the United Nations (UN) and ICAO. President Warner signed the protocol on October 3, 1947, and ICAO became a UN specialized agency.

  Edward Pearson Warner led the organization during its formation for 12 years, until he retired on April 18, 1957. Notably that in 1956, ICAO having received the Christopher Columbus Award from the city of Genoa for the development of international cooperation in the field of air transport in the amount of more than 7,000$, later decided to use this award to establish its own permanent award named after the first President of ICAO, Dr. Edward Warner. According to the regulation, the Award is presented in recognition of merit and special gratitude to individuals or organizations for their outstanding contribution to the further development of civil aviation.

  The award winners over the years have included Assad Kotaite (in recognition of his visionary leadership as the Lebanon’s representative to the Council of ICAO, ICAO Secretary General and the President of the Council of ICAO), Petr Balabuyev (in recognition of the lifetime achievements of this aircraft designer of all types of “Antonov” aircraft), Tatyana Anodina, Chairperson of the Interstate Aviation Committee (in recognition of her outstanding contribution as a scientist and researcher to the development of national, regional and global air navigation funds), Elrey B. Jeppesen, USA (for his contribution to safe development of international aviation and air navigation, to the founder of the “Jeppesen” company), Igor Sikorsky (a well-known aircraft designer and engineer who successfully worked in the field of helicopter construction) and others.

  In accordance with the provisions of Chicago Convention, ICAO consists of the Assembly (which meets every three years to review the organization’s work, establishes a policy for the coming years and adopts a three-year budget for the organization), the Council (the governing body elected by the Assembly for triennium, consists of representatives of 36 states) and the Secretariat ( which consists of five main divisions: Air Navigation Bureau, Air Transport Bureau, Technical Co-operation Bureau, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau and the Bureau of Administration and Services). The chief executive officers are the President of the Council and the Secretary General. The main objective of the organization is the development and adoption of International Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and policies in support of safe, efficient, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible civil aviation. SARPs are recorded in the form of annexes to Chicago Convention and, as necessary, are revised and amended in accordance with the latest scientific and technological developments. Currently, 193 countries are members of ICAO.

  On November 08, 1992 the Republic of Azerbaijan became a full member of ICAO. Since 1995, the delegation of the civil aviation of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been participating in the sessions of the ICAO Assembly. A significant event was the meeting of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and the President of the Council of ICAO Assad Kotaite in 1999 in Baku. This meeting marked the beginning of the fruitful cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and ICAO and accelerated the process of accession of the Republic of Azerbaijan to international civil aviation conventions. Today, the Republic of Azerbaijan has joined 25 Conventions and Protocols in the field of civil aviation.

  Over the past 27 years since joining ICAO, Azerbaijan’s civil aviation has achieved significant success. Instead of outdated Soviet-made aircraft, the republic’s air fleet was replenished with new aircraft from leading Western aircraft manufacturers, such as passenger aircraft “Boeing-757, 767, 787 (Dreamliner)”, “Airbus-319, 320, 340”, “Embraer-190”, 170, cargo “Boeing 747”. Six (6) international airports have been reconstructed and brought into operation. In April 2014, a new airport complex was opened at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, which was recognized as the best in the CIS countries and was awarded with 5-star according to «Sky Trax » rating. Currently 30 foreign and 4 national airlines operate international scheduled passenger and cargo flights to 58 destinations.

  The visit of the current President of the Council Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu in 2015 to Baku was a further impetus of the relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the organization. The meeting of the ICAO leader with President Ilham Aliyev had a great impact on the organization’s joint work with the civil aviation authority of the republic and made it possible to use ICAO's opportunities to implement new safety flight requirements, developing cooperation directly with ICAO European / North Atlantic Bureau. This Bureau provided substantial technical assistance in coordination and training of civil aviation specialists of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  The State Civil Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technology of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to work on improving the legal and regulatory framework. The “National Civil Aviation Security Programme” and the “State Safety Programme” were approved, the State Inspectorate on Civil Aviation Flight Safety was established, and a new draft of “Aviation Law” is being developed. The outcome of this work was the receipt and confirmation of the 1st category in the field of flight safety assigned by the US Federal Aviation Administration and awarding of the Certificate on behalf of the President of the Council of ICAO for significant progress in ensuring flight safety and improving the implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices.

  In 2019, ICAO and the global air transport community celebrated this outstanding event through a series of special events. In honor of the significant date, “Azermarka” LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued a postage stamp dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the founding of ICAO. Information on the issue of the postage stamp and postal envelope was posted on a special page of ICAO portal “ICAO Postal History”.

  The flag of the organization was hung out at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, an article was published in the republican press concerning the International Civil Aviation Day. CJSC “Azerbaijan Hava Yollari” held a raffle of 2 air tickets, the National Aviation Academy and the State Civil Aviation Agency held ceremonial meetings with awarding the diplomas and medals.





Azerbaijan-ICAO75 envelope

Azerbaijan-ICAO 75 postcard


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