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19 December

Actual issues of civil aviation were discussed in Paris

The delegation of State Civil Aviation Agency (SCAA) led by Director Arif Mammadov took part from 4 to 6 December, 2018 at the 11th Forum of ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) of its Member-States (FORUM/11) as well as at one hundred and fifty-first meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCA/151).

During the Forum held at ECAC headquarters in Paris the air transport international development trends of civil aviation as well as concerns raised in ensuring the aviation growth were addressed and some potential solutions to solve these problems were proposed. The significant concern was indicated in the training of sufficient number of qualified staff members in view of increasing the aviation growth in the world.

The outcome report of ECAC’s activity for 2018, including the transformation of ECAC to a separate legal entity, the ECAC’s preparation for the 40th Session of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly which will be held in 2019, the reports of the heads of working groups on environment, facilitation, aviation security etc. were addressed at the last meeting of Directors General of ECAC. The participants noted the possibility in doubling the volume of global air transport and in launching the operation of supersonic aircraft up to 2025, discussed their negative impact on environment.

At the meeting with the Director of European/North Atlantic Office, the positive results of international audit performed in the Agency on July 2-11, 2018 and the progress achieved by Azerbaijan were noted by Mr. L.F.Almeida . Mr. Almeida informing the Azerbaijani delegation that ICAO headquarters in Montreal is aware of positive audit results and proposed to proceed to the second phase of technical assistance.

The head of the Azerbaijani delegation Mr. Arif Mammadov thanked Mr.L.F.Almeida for appreciation and expressed willingness of our country to continue the cooperation with ICAO in 2019.

During the meeting the representatives of ICAO informing on the planned DGCA meeting in 2019 in Paris (19-21 March) presented an invitation letter and the agenda of meeting to the Azerbaijani side.

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