In accordance to the paragraph 6 of the Intergovernmental economic cooperation commission’s eighth meeting’ Protocol between Azerbaijan and Ukraine, on 23-24 November 2010 negotiations held between delegations of State Civil Aviation Administration of Republic of Azerbaijan and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

  November 8, 2010 marked by portentous event in civil aviation of Republic of Azerbaijan – "Silk Way Airlines" owned aircraft Boeing 747-400F landed in Baku. This is the first aircraft of this type, acquired by "Silk Way Airlines". The acquisition of an aircraft by the Azerbaijani carrier is an illustrative example of dynamic economic development of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the framework of the global financial crisis.

  Form September 28 to October 8, 2010 the delegation of the State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan took part in 37th Session of Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

   With a view to appreciate services of civil aviation flight personnel of the Republic of Azerbaijan having outstanding achievements in mastering of the new aviation equipment, training of flying staff and maintaining high level of safety, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has established a honorary title "Honoured pilot".

  Delegation representing State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan carried out discussions with aeronautical authorities of People's Republic of China and Special Administrative Region of PRC Hong Kong in April 2010. The representatives of "Silk Way" Airlines and CJSC "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" also joined the delegation.

  ICAO Preparation Safety Conference was held in Baku from February 9 to 11. The conference was organized by European and North Atlantic office in cooperation with the State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event brought together more than 70 participants from 20 countries of Europe and Asia, as well as six international organizations on civil aviation. The foreign delegations were led by high officials of civil aviation and air navigation service providers.

  Recently the first phase of the TRACECA project on safety, security and environmental protection in the sphere of civil aviation successfully completed. Within six months (from 01.02.2010 to 31.07.2010) technical trainings on safety, stuff certification, security and environmental protection were carried out in Kiev (Ukraine) and Tbilisi (Georgia).

At the suggestion of the British Department of Transport next round of negotiations between delegations of civil aviation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were held on January 25, 2011 in Baku.

The State Civil Aviation Administration (SCAA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan took part at 31 plenary Session (triennial) of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC/31) which was hold in Strasburg (France).

The negotiations between aviation authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russian Federation were held in a friendly and working atmosphere 24-25 November, 2009 in Moscow.

During the negotiations the Parties revised some documents in force and discussed the perspectives of bilateral cooperation in the air transportation sphere.

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